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10 reasons to buy a digital camera

Just a few years ago, part of everyone's vacation preparations was to test the functionality of their analog camera, replace the batteries and buy enough film. Cameras were few and far between parties and were usually used sparingly for cost reasons. Classic snapshots were rare, as many users found the risk of a blurred image too great. In most cases, only half the film was used, and a few months would pass before the next occasion, during which the pictures lay dormant on the celluloid tape of the inserted film. Once developed, the pictures were then painstakingly and meticulously collected in a photo album.

Digital cameras as constant companions

Today, more than 30 percent of German households already own a digital camera, which has become an everyday companion almost like a cell phone, and is used much more often than the analog camera used to be.

Digital technology offers a number of advantages that users have transferred to their everyday lives as a matter of course. The pictures can be viewed directly on the camera displays, which are now often of considerable size. The photos taken can also be deleted from the storage medium in a matter of seconds, if necessary. This function alone has significantly changed the way people take photos because there is no cost and everyone can choose the best picture. Depending on the memory card and resolution, users are also no longer limited to 24 or 36 pictures per film. Depending on the capacity, up to 3,000 photos are now possible on a storage medium. Once the storage medium is full of images, the digital camera is simply connected to a computer, and the photos are transferred to the computer's hard drive.

The memory card is then free again and the pictures are ready for further use. And this is versatile. Nowadays, classic slide evenings are no longer held with rattling projectors, but professionally with a notebook or beamer, or at least on the TV at home. An additional attraction comes from the versatile editing options, with which you can easily and intuitively embellish or alienate images.

Those who still like to have their photos on paper can simply print them out on their photo printer at home, for example, or have inexpensive prints of their digital photos made at a photo retailer.

Speed is the trump card

In the early days of digital photography, digital cameras were much slower than analog cameras. This applied to both the time it took to turn the camera on and get it ready for use, as well as the actual shutter release delay. For many friends of analog photography, this was a reason to view digital cameras with suspicion for a long time. This has changed fundamentally because, with new models, both the power supply and the readiness to start are established in a flash.

As in analog photography, the same applies to digital photography: "A camera is only as good as its lens!" However, high-quality lenses from renowned manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss are also used in digital cameras today and ensure outstanding image quality.

Another function was not even possible with analog cameras: videos. Digital cameras can also be used for movie recording. Some digital cameras are even limited in the recording length of videos only by the capacity of the storage medium.

Photography made easy

Taking digital photos is more than easy. Today's cameras are so sophisticated that the digital camera could handle everything on its own - if the user so desired. For example, the Sony Cyber-shot T7 offers a wide range of special program automatics for taking pictures by candlelight or fireworks, in the snow or on the beach - i.e. in bright light conditions - and for portraits or landscape shots. Here, the program automatic virtually takes care of all the necessary settings for the user. Only the shutter release button needs to be pressed after setting the desired scene program. This means that even beginners can take great pictures in difficult situations.

10 reasons to buy a digital camera:

  1. The resolution of the cameras also meets high demands (5 megapixels and more).
  2. The price-performance ratio is right.
  3. Digital photography is "in".
  4. The latest digital cameras are fast and durable.
  5. Costs for films are eliminated.
  6. Printouts of digital photos are available everywhere and are inexpensive.
  7. Double the fun: In addition to photos, videos can also be created.
  8. Even novice photographers can take great pictures.
  9. Large LCDs make digital photography even more convenient.
  10. Creating digital slideshows on TV is easy.
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10 reasons to buy a digital camera

Just a few years ago, part of everyone's vacation preparations was to test the functionality of their analog camera, replace the batteri...