The 11 Best Air Mattresses Review

Heading out on camping in the summer season is fun, but you have to make proper arrangement before going out. An air mattress for camping is a must in order to sleep properly wherever you go. You can sleep comfortably just like the way you sleep at home. In fact, some of these air mattresses can be used on a traditional bed. There are air mattresses available for toddlers as well. They are foldable and easy to inflate in a few minutes. Check out the list of the best air mattresses for camping below.

The 11 Best Air Mattresses

11. iDOO Queen Air Mattress

This air mattress comes with an ergonomic design to improve your sleep posture and make you fall asleep quickly. The air mattress also comes with the upgraded wave air chamber to increase the air stability and loading capacity. Moreover, this air bed has the construction of extra-thick 0.4mm non-toxic PVC and 0.2mm flocking top. The all weather-resistant PVC layer does not slide off unnecessarily. The flocking top of this air mattress is easy-to-clean with a damp cloth.

The air mattress also comes with an inbuilt pump. Furthermore, this pump of this mattress allows easy and quick inflation and deflation. The air bed takes 3-5 minutes to get fully inflated for home use. This air mattress includes additional external valves to use this mattress for camping. The air mattress raises 22-inch high from the ground after fully inflated. This mattress is ideal for a queen size sheet. The mattress comes with a water-resistant flocking top. This mattress allows an easy storage option.

10. Air Inflatable Mattress

This air mattress is ideal to use in both home and camping. The air mattress also comes with a skid-free base. Moreover, the mattress has the construction of an extra-thick and non-toxic 0.5mm PVC and 0.2mm flocked top. The air bed is hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for the sensitive skin. This air mattress comes with a honeycomb design on the top layer. The mattress is made of puncture-resistant material. The multi-layer composition of this mattress helps you to reduce stress and pressure on your body.

The air mattress also has the maximum weight holding capacity of 660-lbs. Furthermore, this air mattress has an electric pump for easy inflation and deflation. The pump is chargeable, and it takes only 5 minutes to charge this device. In deflated condition, the mattress only measures 13X8X17-inch. You can conveniently carry this mattress to your campsite. The multi-chamber design of this air mattress prevents the mattress from bulging or sinking during sleeping. You can adjust the firmness of the mat accordingly.

9. Premium Twin Size Air Mattress

This air mattress comes in a twin-size or single bed. The mattress is ideal for camping, guest bedding, and more other activities. This air mattress also comes with an easy-to-use electric pump. With this pump, you can easily inflate the mattress to the fullest in less than 90 seconds. Moreover, to deflate the mattress instantly, you need to flick a switch. The mattress allows for easy transportation and storage. The inbuilt raised pillow design of this air mattress provides head and neck support like your own bed.

The air mattress also delivers a comfortable and warm sleep. Furthermore, this air mattress comes with the 21 air-coils to provide maximum durability and support. This mattress has an extra-thick flock top with hard-wearing. The mattress is resistant to water. The air bed comes with the 15 gauge puncture-resistant material. This air mattress measures 38 x 75 x 21-inch in an inflated condition. The air mattress comes in a carry bag with puncture repair patches.

8. Inflatable Mattress Raised Airbed

This air mattress comes with non-toxic material construction with a comfortable flocking top. The air mattress is made of 0.4mm extra-thick PVC and 0.2mm flocking top. The air mattress is also ideal to use for outdoor activities, like camping. Moreover, the PVC construction of this mattress makes it a durable against hard ground and tear-resistant product. This air mattress easily fits the queen-sized sheets. The mattress raises 9-inch from the ground after inflation. This mattress provides thermal protection against the wet and cold ground surfaces.

The air mattress also comes in a convenient carry bag for easy transportation. Furthermore, this air mattress has a rechargeable electric pump for easy inflation. The pump charges in a minute both at home and away. This air mattress allows you to deflate in a minute to get your required firmness. This mattress with exact weight is ideal for carrying to your campsite in your backpack. The air mattress is noiseless and causes no leakage.

7. Ultralight Air Sleeping Pad – Inflatable Camping Mat

This plus-size air mattress comes with a robust layer of nylon or TPU coating. The mattress delivers the ultimate comfort and warmth sleep, even when you are out for a camp. Like a pocket sprung mattress, this mattress has dozens of flexing air cells to support your weight. The single layer of air cells also makes this mattress weigh lighter (14.5-Oz). Moreover, the mattress measures 10X2.5-inch. This mattress is lighter than your backpack. Coated with rip-stop nylon and constructed with the high-quality TPU layers, this mattress offers a good balance and durability.

The air mattress is also noiseless and resistant to water. Furthermore, this air mattress is a tear or abrasion-resistant. The air mattress retains no heat during your sleep to keep you cool and comfortable. This air mattress comes with an advanced inflation technology. The mattress includes two flat valves, one for inflation and another one for deflation. It takes only 4 to 6 breaths to inflate this air mattress.

6. Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

This is one of the best air mattresses for camping for two persons to sleep. The construction of this air mattress does not involve phthalate and PVC. You can also adjust the firmness of the air mattress according to your requirement. Moreover, this mattress comes with the two-way Boston valve and patented stabilizer system. This air mattress weighs only 5.6 and easily foldable to carry. Made of high quality and durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane material, the air mattress is ideal for traveling and camping.

The air mattress is ideally compatible with the standard queen-sized sheets. Furthermore, this air bed has the approximate folded dimensions of 16.5 x 8.9 x 8.9-inch. When inflates, this air mattress measures 80.1 x 55.1 x 7.1-inch. This air mattress is a temperature-resistant product. Apart from that, this air mattress is resistant to abrasion and sturdier than the other ordinary air mattress. This air mattress comes with a battery-powered pump and oversized storage bag. You need batteries to make the pump activated.

5. Air Mattress Airbed With Built-in Electric 7 Settings

This is a heavy-duty air mattress and it is in the twin size. It is a double-height inflatable mattress and it provides extremely comfortable. The air mattress is also usable on the traditional bed. Besides, it is highly portable and therefore, it is suitable for camping and letting your guests sleep overnight. There is an electric pump with an internal inflator. There is also an auto-shutoff feature for inflated and deflated safety. The company offers one year warranty on the product.

Coming to its construction, there are two-chamber design and gripped bottom to stick to the floor. Moreover, the top is waterproof, and therefore, it is a long-lasting product to opt for. Furthermore, you get a remote with various setting to inflate and deflate as per your requirement from soft plush to extra hard. It can support up to 500 pounds and comes with a bag for easy carry. The product is also foldable and puncture-proof.

4. Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed With Safety Bumpers

This is a portable mattress for kids, and it is lightweight for easy transport. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product due to which you can trust its quality. The package contains a travel bag and an electric turbopump for easy inflating. Due to the use of inlay-enforced vinyl, it is thicker than most of the air mattresses. Therefore, it is puncture-proof and highly durable.

On top of that, the reinforced weld-seams make it stronger. You can put it under heavy-duty use. The air mattress is one of the smoothest, and it is inflatable in less than 30 seconds. You can fold and roll the air mattress, and you can carry it anywhere you go. There is an extra-long bed rail bumper for extra safety of the kids. The material is BPA-free and of any other harmful material.

3. Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Bed

This is another air mattress for toddlers, and this one too has a lifetime warranty. The best part is that the air mattress does not make any noise even when the toddler moves around on it. There are guard rails to protect your toddler from falling outside. It is extremely comfortable and lets your toddler sleep in any posture. It is quite low to the ground, and it is completely safe to use.

The air mattress is small and compact, and therefore, you can carry the air mattress anywhere you want. Taking your toddler to a vacation is more an issue. You can fold it and even wash it easily. The inflating action is also very fast. There is a carry bag available for easy transport, and you can use the electric pump for effortless inflation. It is definitely one of the best air mattresses for camping to make your toddler sleep comfortably.

2. Luxury Raised Air Mattress

This is an extremely comfortable air mattress, and it comes with a built-in pillow. There is also a soft flocking layer which is excellent for the skin. It is a queen size mattress, and the quilt top is waterproof. Moreover, it is quite thick to provide spinal support and lets you sleep peacefully in different postures. Therefore, you will not have any back-related issue after sleeping on it for a long time. The bottom grip is non-slipping, and it does not make any noise.

There is a built-in pump, and you can also find an external valve for use when camping. Therefore, it is definitely one of the best air mattresses for camping. The product is puncture and tear-proof, and it comes with the patch kits. The inflation and deflation are fast, and the company offers one year warranty. The enhanced coil technology and thick side flocked durable material make a favorite among the buyers.

1. Air Mattress With ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

This is currently the bestselling air mattress for camping, and it comes in two different sizes. The quality of the mattress is premium, and it is a true value for money purchase. The grip of the mattress is non-slipping or non-sliding. There are over 40 internal air coils for comfort and stability. It stays flat and firm and adjusts to your sleeping posture conveniently.

It is popular with its easiness of inflation with a 1-click internal pump. The air mattress has double chamber construction, and it is large enough for two people to see on it. It is foldable when deflated comfortable, and hence, it is easy to carry while you are going camping or hiking. Moreover, it is waterproof and extra-thick which makes it puncture-resistant.


In order to buy the best air mattress, you have to take into consideration several parameters. First of all, you have to get the size right as there are different sizes available like king, queen, twin, and regular. If you are buying an air mattress for toddlers, it should have guard rails around it for safety. Besides, you should see how to inflate and how long it takes to inflate and deflate. You need to also check whether it is foldable or not for easy transport. We have listed the best air mattresses for camping, and therefore, you do not have to worry about their quality.

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